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My WordPress Site is Hacked, Now What?

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Is your WordPress website performing slowly? Has your website disappeared? Are you seeing odd messages where your website should be? Are unrelated ads popping up in your website? Are your customers complaining about strange email from your company or about private profile information being used elsewhere?

These are a handful of the signs that your website has been hacked. A hack can be devastating to a small business that doesn’t have the website technology resources to detect and remove the source of the hack and to restore a website to secure operation.

A local San Luis Obispo County company with 10 years of WordPress and website experience is here to help you restore your website, remove phishing, Trojan horse, ransom ware, and most of the many kinds of invasions, and put you on a path to a more secure website.

wordpress hack san luis obispo

Call us to get started. (805) 226-5716

wordpress hack san luis obispo

We get your info and begin to investigate the issue.

wordpress hack san luis obispo

We get back to you with options to move forward.

How we secure your website

After a short free consultation, and you have provided us with you login information, we take the following steps:

1. Conduct a no-charge analysis of the attack, which may include identifying server issues, or running security analysis tools

2. Identifying the source of the hack, and analyzing the best removal strategy.

3. Call you back for a second free consultation during which we:

  • Fully describe the issues and the scope of the attack on your website
  • Discuss the scope of the fix
  • Provide you with the options and a plan for securing your website.

4. Once your website is cleaned and secured, we follow-up to make sure everything is running as you want and help you implement additional security measures.

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